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- Responsible for all aspects of design, creation & management (graphic/photographic & art content) for the website and four stores.

- Develop weekly pitch offerings of web content and sales promotions with CEO’s & web designers, as well as plan creative content for the upcoming month to promote product awareness and brand identity.

- Negotiate and manage ever-changing site functionality to create the most efficient shopping experience for online customers.

- Design and create all material used on website, logos, tags, merchandise, store-fronts, web advertising, posters, promotional signs, business cards and all creative outputs.

- Creator of social media ads and google ad platforms, resulting in over 30,000 link clicks on one Facebook ad set in 3 weeks, as well as 89 conversions in 7 days.

- Identified the need for viral outreach, conceptualizing Facebook live promotions, blog creations, & collaborative youtube videos.

- Managed all 4 stores, covering all managerial duties, for 2 years.

- Lead updating team with product data entry, trend names and seasonal category placement. - Direct inventory specialist with photo shoot set up and trending products 

- Schedule upcoming products for arrival in stores and online.

- Photograph & edit weekly in-studio and on location shoots, as well as all accessories and laydown photos.

- Grew from being the sole web content creator to leader of 5 data specialists, inventory specialist, and technical team.

- Create daily newsletters and creative content for email blasts to nationwide customers.



-- Aided in the art direction for photography sessions and the layout of each shoot

- Directed the models in each scene

- Photographed different demographics while following a guideline per the clients requests

- Designated photo series for commercial purposes, social media, and advertising regimens

- Head photo editor for all photoshoots during rebranding

- Helped create the overall rebranding theme for the new company and the look of the brand

-Managed the proposals of the direction of the brand with the Creative Director

- Created all digital signs for rebranding concessions and advertising

- Photographed the rebranding press launch and edited all material

- Worked side by side with fellow photographer and videographer to capture all angels and material

*Had photo that had been taken and edited, posted on the 20ft tall entryway to the attraction

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